We are committed to environmentally safer solutions for industrial cleaning problems, we continually search for safer solutions that conserve our environment.

Fine Organics Chemicals manufactures and markets specially formulated, premium quality industrial cleaning products in Southern Africa.

We have an extensive range of specialist cleaners, degreasers and eco-friendly solvents and can offer cost effective solutions for most industrial cleaning requirements.

Fine Organics Chemicals was previously known as Cementation Chemicals and has been in business for over 50 years.

During many years of service to a broad-based industrial market, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our products, often formulating specific products to meet customers’ special requirements.

Fine Organics Chemicals also supplies an extensive range of industrial cleaning agents, disinfectants, solvents, electrical cleaners and water-based degreasers, many of which meet stringent SABS, SATS and MIL specifications.

In conjunction with the USA-based Fine Organics Corporation, we have introduced alternative environmentally friendly products as new generation replacements for III Trichloroethane and CFC based products.

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